I want to stress the YOUR in the title… it’s important to identify what the core things are that set you up for success to win the day. I’ll share mine in a minute, but I am in no way pushing my list on you. I am cheering for you to take a few minutes, find some quiet and a scrap piece of paper. Now jot down what makes you happy. What has to happen sometime in your day to bring you joy? What sets you up for a successful day? Don’t focus on the negative, that’s too easy to do these days. Instead, focus on a few things that will make you feel accomplished even if everything else is out of control.

Here’s mine…

  1. Pray – usually includes some sort of Bible reading or study
  2. Exercise – if even for only fifteen or twenty minutes before everyone else wakes up
  3. Coffee – duh!
  4. Make my bed – I’ve heard this is a daily habit of future millionaires, so why not!
  5. Shower – the sooner the better for me… I like to start my day so fresh and so clean

I hope you have time to consider what would make your list! Living intentionally is my goal of 2019… in order for that to happen, I try to start each day with these things.

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