These Little Faces

Metz Kids Take Over BSU

Jesus loves the little children… all the children of the world.

I can’t say enough about these little faces, what blessings they have been to me. I prayed for them before I even knew their daddy. I tuck them in at night and am in awe of the role I get to play in their lives. Tears well up thinking of all that they are and all that they will be. So excited to live life as their mommy!

And then, eyes are rolled at me… it’s a new thing she’s doing. I’m told “NO” by the littlest one. And my middle baby, he will go after a sibling in a second if they push his buttons. They are such wonderful reminders of God’s love and faithfulness. Even when we are moody. Even when we object. Even when we harm others. He loves us. We are imperfect children perfectly loved by our Father. And by His son. All the children of the world. We are loved!

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