On The Horizon

Can you tell that horizon pictures are my favorite? Do you know why? Maybe they are yours, too. Maybe you’ve never considered them the way that I do…

As we close out 2019 and head into a new year, there is so much symbolism behind the picture of a beautiful horizon. To believe that you are embarking upon something fantastic and magical is the optimism of life that I want to live with. Each new day is an opportunity. But sometimes I take that for granted. It’s easy to do. But as we look forward to 2020, I encourage you to see the newness with an improved outlook on what is to come.

It is so easy to fear the future… to worry and fret over things that are out of your control. The difficult thing to do is to live every day believing that things will get better. That we will be more. That the world will heal.

If you want to start the year out positively, take a look back on all that you accomplished this year. You’ve done a lot, likely made it through some tough stuff. Be proud of all that you have finished.

Then evaluate things that didn’t go as planned. I fully believe that the reason people make jokes about new year’s resolutions and them not sticking is because they didn’t do the work of analyzing their real-life patterns and habits before taking on a new year. If you make the same resolution every year, don’t this year. Instead plan for success and switch it up.

For me, the new year is always about resetting and I love doing that. Luckily we can reset our habits and form new ones. Instead of reaching for our phones to scroll, we CAN reach for a book or play with our children. Instead of stuffing carbs in our mouths, we CAN choose veggies. Instead of drinking alcohol/soda/other sugary drinks like they are in limited quantities, we CAN drink water. Instead of dwelling on the negative, we CAN think positively. I know that we can.

So I pray that as the year winds down, you set aside some time to celebrate all that you’ve done, realize how you want to experience the one life you have, and make a plan to live that way. Share all of that with your spouse or a trusted friend and you are more likely to succeed.

I believe in you. The horizon of your life is a breathtaking one. Go make that beautiful life happen.

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